welcome to the family!

first off, happy halloween! and second of all, justin and i have an announcement to make - we got a puppy the other night. i took him into the studio today to play around and take some photos. he's full of energy and a complete cuddle bug. we keep going back and worth about what to name him, we're stumped. it shouldn't be this hard but it is. we had our hearts set on "marco" before we got him, then justin realized he looked like a baby bison, and wanted to name him bison. hmph. feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions by looking at him. here are some of the shots that i took today:


kansas city, missouri.

Justin, Andy, and myself went out to Kansas City yesterday to shoot a wedding. It was really small, right in the grooms backyard, pretty trees and vines, really cute. The part I think I enjoyed the most was that right when he kissed the bride, they played "top of the world" by jew. Nice touch. I had just met the couple and their families, and I found myself tearing up during the ceremony. Just made me want to get married even more. Sigh. I can't wait a whole year, haha, I'm dying. But then again, good things come to those who wait. Other than that, my stomach has been really bothering me. I don't know what is wrong with me, I know I complain about my stomach a lot, but this is a different feeling. It hasn't gone away since Thursday, ugh. Hopefully it won't bother me too much at work tomorrow. And this Friday is Halloween and I don't have a costume. No money, no costume. Hopefully Justin and I can find some last minute stuff without spending a lot of money. Also, I was thinking about this this morning - this sunday will be the 2nd, and that means I have been living here for a month. So weird. It's gone by really fast. Which reminds me that Justin and I really need to purchase Christmas tickets to California really soon before the prices shoot through the roof. Anyways, here are some shots taken yesterday, enjoy:


self explanitory



new job!

filled out paperwork this morning, first day is next monday. i'm stoked! they are all so nice and laid back. and they don't care about my tattoos, which is a definite plus. i'm starting to get used to it out here. :)


home came to me this time.

My parents visit was amazing. We didn't clutter it by driving around the whole time, showing them every inch of Saint Louis. There was relaxing involved, and it was nice. Of course it was weird having them out here when this has been sort of my own world for the past couple months since I've been with Justin. But I liked it. I liked having a piece of home out here, and having my mom (who is one of my best friends) staying with me again. And my dad always there to make some funny comment to make me laugh. I love my parents so much, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. I cried when they left, every single one of us did. I will see them at Christmas, even though that seems a long time away - I know it'll go by fast. I don't want to take this opportunity and dwell on how much I'll miss them, but how much I am going to grow and learn while I'm out here. I want to show everyone that 1) I love this boy more than anything, and when I say I'd move across the country for him - I obviously mean it and 2) I know I'm young, but I can do things on my own and I can sure as hell take risks. I think life would be so boring if you didn't take one once in awhile. Stir things up a bit. Throw a curveball to everyone. I love it. I know I'm young, and people say my life is just beginning, but I don't believe in that - because I wouldn't be where I am today without everything that's ever happened to me in my past. Which brings me to my great news - I got the photography job! I am now officially a photographer for a studio in Edwardsville, Illinois. I'm so excited! I nearly scared the wits out of Kelly on the phone when I yelped "Oh my god, thank you!" Yeah seriously, only took them what? 2 months to make the final decision. I go in on monday to fill out paper work and start training hopefully. I'm really excited to see what's going to happen in the next couple of months out here. I've never had the chance to .. well, live anywhere outside of my house. Ever. So - this'll be quite an experience and expect a lot more posts from me, (if you're interested in how I'm doing that is.)



lets go apple pickin'

We went apple picking with his family this morning. Very hot, but very fun. There were cute farm animals, and now Justin is convinced we should buy a goat. Haha. On another note, my parents are in the midst of driving out here as we speak. There's a storm coming, so the weather channel says. Hopefully it won't ruin the beautiful weather we've been having the past week or so. I really want to take my parents to Six Flags. Once my parents get here and can actually see where I'm living and where I call home, I will feel much better. I'm really happy here, but saying goodbye to them again will be one of the hardest things I'll ever have to do. Until then, things are looking up! Hopefully this job will actually come through for me. It's been what? 2 months. I hope it wasn't a ridiculous amount of wasted time. *knocks on wood


what's up?

I just got home from my second interview at the portrait gallery. Went well, I suppose. I was really nervous, and I'm not sure why. I never am. But the girl was really nice and really casual so that made me more relaxed. I'm just really insecure when it comes to things like this, perhaps because this is more of an opportunity than a job to me. My "ideal job" so to speak. A little more rides on this than any other receptionist job or anything like that. She said today was the only day for second interviews, so keep your fingers crossed and pray that I get a good phone call back this weekend. I need a job and money so badly, I'm hurting. On a more exciting note, I got another tattoo last night. It scares me a little that I'm so flexible with tattoos on me. I would go in there having an idea of what I want, then I just end up saying "do whatever, I don't care" and don't get me wrong - I love it. It's just nothing like I envisioned at all! haha. Justin has one kiinda like it, the same colors. Silly, I know what you're thinking. But, I love him. I'm getting the key after we get married. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Although, I say that about all of them. I have 5, can you believe it? Weird. Definitely addictive. There's so such thing as "Oh, I'm only getting one tattoo." Nope, not gonna happen. Anyways, I'm really happy. My parents leave to drive out here tomorrow. I'm really excited to see them! And to show them around town and to finally have my car! and I pretty much have no money to gas it up...yay for being poor!


almost 7am.

Today's me and Justin's 4 month anniversary. Feels so much longer than that, right? Crazy. I don't know where I would be without him. I'm scared to even think about that, actually. He's such a part of me, it's unreal. I know we bicker sometimes, just like any other couple, but with him, it's different. Even though we might get upset from time to time, I know that I love him and I know that he loves me back. It's funny and sad at the same time that I've never experienced that with anyone before. That security that this relationship has is so new to me. I never thought that I could be this way with anyone and that someone would feel the same towards me. Definitely something worth holding onto, and I sure as hell plan on it.
I really like it here. I know I said that before, but it's starting to feel like home. All I need is my car and for me to start this job already. Stomach pain has ruined the past day or two. Well, I take that back, not completely. It's just not fun being in pain most of the day, I bet a lot of you can vouch for me on that. I guess I should be thankful seeing is that it's all happening when I don't have a job or a car and I'm just relaxing at home with the cat all week long. I should count it as a win. I'm learning on being more positive. I'm getting good at it, right? Haha.
I really miss my family. I have to admit, it hasn't even been a week yet, and I feel like it's been months. I can't wait for my parents to arrive a week from today. But, I wish my sister, my brother, and brother-in-law were joining them. That'd be icing on the cake. Sigh. Oh well, maybe some day soon they will come visit. I miss their faces a lot. Blah, positive, positive! I'm all good. I'm excited to have a romantic night with Justin tonight for our anniversary. No idea what's planned yet. I just want him to come home from work.. he's only been gone an hour and I'm dyin' over here. If you want to help me, do some sort of rain dance so he can come home early. C'mon rain, show me some sympathy!


Greetings from Illinois!

Even though it seems like I've been there a thousand times, it's always amazing coming back. And this time it's for good. I can't wait for my parents to drive out here and experience this. My mom is going to fall in love with it all - I swear. Just you wait. Me and Justin made breakfast this morning. Fresh fruit and bagels with cream cheese. Total X-Files marathon on today, haha. Completely awesome. Bought some moccasins at Target and we bought some v-necks we're going to share. I'm such a nerd - thinking people are actually interested in my day and what I've done, haha. Who cares! I'm writing anyways. The colors are already changing out here, it's gorgeous. Pumpkins are everywhere - I'm so excited to carve some with Justin soon. We're going to dress up like sweet vampires for Halloween. (sorry Kristin, you can be a vampire too :P) It's much colder than this summer was, not humid anymore, it's just right. Perfect for pants and a tshirt, then a jacket at night. I love it. Of course I miss everyone in California, but I needed this. I love it out here. It'll of course take some getting used to. Memorizing the roads and where places are and stuff, but I will learn quickly. I'm gonna check out this photographer job on Sunday and talk to the manager - so pray that that goes smoothly. I will be updating my flickr a lot so you can all see how gorgeous it is out here and you can all be crazy jealous. ha!