My dose is tuffy.

We're currently in Utah. Already went through Zion National Park early this morning, enjoyed some rain storms and being completely freezing. I'm stuffed up with a cold, and I'm not quite happy about it. I'm looking forward to Vegas on the way home, and hopefully hearing back from this job. I want to move so badly.


One more day.

Justin flies in tomorrow morning, although the gallons of gas I'm going to use while driving up and down LA to get him are unfortunate, he is well worth the money. I'm so unbelievably excited to see him, it's been far too long. Nobody in their sane mind would choose this long distance over living near their significant other, it's pretty rough. We're road tripping to Utah with my family and on the way home we're in vegas for awhile, so I'm really looking forward to the next 10 days or so. My portfolio should arrive in Illinois tomorrow some time, I'm not sure. That's what the tracking number is telling me. I'm really trying so hard not to get my hopes up about this job, it's killing me. I have people telling me that I'm for sure going to get it, and I just end up getting mad and trying not to think about it. I know me, I know my work and I am confident in it, but I'm not sure in what they want for their company, so we will definitely see. Keep your fingers crossed, because I really really want this job. Badly!