2 more weeks.

Dear California,
You've been so good to me. Although I don't appreciate the over pricing of pretty much every single thing, ridiculous gas prices, horrible bike lane laws, horrendous drivers (although I'm sure that happens anywhere you go), unnecessary drama, the fact that copying yogurtland and pinkberry is apparently some huge trend now (thanks "berry swirl" and "cherry on top" ? whatever that is), and the simple joy of always having at least one customer at work that will tip me over the edge into insanity.

And yet, I know there are things I'm going to miss though. The absolutely amazing weather (all the time), the beach (of course), having to drive probably two seconds to get to anything needed, there's always something bizarre going on by my work, and the fact that everyone here looks years beyond their real age, and back in Illinois, it's completely the opposite. It's so strange. But you have been so good, and so terrible to me. Yet I wouldn't change a thing.

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Kalin said...

Movings always fun! but i couldent imagine leaving the state. but i would also do it for me man. im sure its exciting!