He's gone :(

I hate saying goodbye's. They're the worst, I bet everyone can agree with me. I actually heard from the job, and they want me to set up an interview... not sure I have the money to fly across the country for an interview, so I'm calling them tomorrow and figuring out ANOTHER alternative plan, that will hopefully be cheaper, haha. I'm shooting for two to three weeks until I move if my plan goes through. I had a lot of fun in Utah/Vegas with my family and Justin. I mean, there's always a time you reach when being stuck in a car and a room with your family every night gets annoying and everyone gets sick of each other... but we preserver. Right now, I feel like my life is in an in between stage. It makes me sad reading all these blogs of my friends moving and being so happy. I don't want to wait any longer, I want a new job, a new city, and to be with Justin longer than a period of 10 days. It's not fair. It really gets me down sometimes, but I guess there is a reason for everything. Timing is key, I just hope this all works out the way I'm planning it in my head. (probably shouldn't be doing that) I'm dumb. :/


eb. said...

No way you're not dumb [:
It's probably a good thing you're working this out a little in your head, or at least have some kind of expectation, because you need something to work towards! The in-between stages are good too, it means something is actually going to happen! :]

All the best.

michelle eliz said...

yeah, i see where you're coming from. it's just difficult to see the good in situations like these, but i have to find some way to make the best of it. thanks sweetheart!