Thanks a lot, complications.

Frustrated. Nothings going my way. I know, whine whine whine.. I told you I was stupid for getting my hopes up. How could I think it was going to be such a piece of cake? I wish they weren't stringing me along like this, cause I'd appreciate a straight forward answer. Even if it's no, I don't even care, they are just prolonging my happiness it seems. Should I wait and see what they say, or just move and find something else? Ahh! I'm going to blow a fuse, I swear. It's putting my stomach in huge knots. I miss him.. I just want to be with him already, I'm sick of waiting, I'm sick of video-chatting, and I'm sick of wishing I was some place else every single day. You don't know how tiring it is, and how sick you get of where you live. The pressure is continuously building upon my shoulders, it's almost becoming too much to juggle. I'm throwing my hands in the air at the moment. I know there is a reason for everything, and for some reason God keeps delaying this, and delaying it again. I'm sick and tired of it, and I'm running out of excuses to be positive. Help.

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