tick tick tick.

3 more days in California. It hasn't really hit me just yet. I said goodbye to my brother and my grandparents and stuff tonight, and it still hasn't hit me. I had my "going away" party this weekend. Didn't really feel like a going away party though.. kinda just felt like they took it as any other party.. and all of them barely remember any of it. Kind of a bummer, perhaps I just got my hopes up. Oh well. It's sad that none of this is really hitting me. Well, maybe. I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good thing or not. But ultimately, I'm still really excited. Justin got the weekend off, and I cannot wait to spend time with him and to be done with this long distance for good! Such a relief and such a weight off my shoulders. No more video chatting, I will be seeing him every morning and every night. New city, new people, new job, new everything. I love adventures. Bring it on!

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