what's up?

I just got home from my second interview at the portrait gallery. Went well, I suppose. I was really nervous, and I'm not sure why. I never am. But the girl was really nice and really casual so that made me more relaxed. I'm just really insecure when it comes to things like this, perhaps because this is more of an opportunity than a job to me. My "ideal job" so to speak. A little more rides on this than any other receptionist job or anything like that. She said today was the only day for second interviews, so keep your fingers crossed and pray that I get a good phone call back this weekend. I need a job and money so badly, I'm hurting. On a more exciting note, I got another tattoo last night. It scares me a little that I'm so flexible with tattoos on me. I would go in there having an idea of what I want, then I just end up saying "do whatever, I don't care" and don't get me wrong - I love it. It's just nothing like I envisioned at all! haha. Justin has one kiinda like it, the same colors. Silly, I know what you're thinking. But, I love him. I'm getting the key after we get married. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Although, I say that about all of them. I have 5, can you believe it? Weird. Definitely addictive. There's so such thing as "Oh, I'm only getting one tattoo." Nope, not gonna happen. Anyways, I'm really happy. My parents leave to drive out here tomorrow. I'm really excited to see them! And to show them around town and to finally have my car! and I pretty much have no money to gas it up...yay for being poor!

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