hold on.

california in 28 days. work is alright, i feel like i'm really getting used to everyone and getting the hang of everything. the only thing that sucks is that i won't be there for very long. please pray for some sort of miracle that i get to stay, because i really like the job, i like the people, and it's what i love to do. i don't want to have to start all over again from ground zero at another job when i haven't even finished from the previous job. this blows, seriously. that's the only thing that has been on my mind for the past couple of days. how i'm beginning to enjoy my job, then they take it from me. what kind of blanket sweep is that? sucks. right now, all i'm looking forward to is spending time with justin when he gets home from work, getting paid this friday, and seeing my friends and family in 28 days. that's it. i am happy, don't get me wrong. i just wish things would stay one way for awhile for a change. i don't understand why they would hire me when they apparently "don't even need anyone else". pray for me, or pray for business to speed up so that they DO need me. fuck you, economy. i need money.


Bryan's Sensible Heart said...

I got your back in prayer.

michelle eliz said...

Thanks bryan. I'll be seeing you soon! :)