settled in.

this past week has been a bit rough. counting settling the dog in, and getting used to him yelping and chewing on literally everything in sight. (not to mention him humping everything as well, such a perk - i know) we decided on the name bison. if you saw him, you'd think the same - he does look like a little buffalo. it suits him. he's a firecracker. but anyways, work is going alright. i'm getting the hang of things and i'll hopefully be building my portfolio within the next week or two. i'm honestly just looking forward to getting paid next week, i'm drowning. once i start getting paid regularly, things i'm sure will be much less stressful. i've been thinking about people back home lately, how they're doing, and how they never contact me to see how i'm doing. i'll contact them, but i barely get a response. then after that, i just feel pathetic. so, in a way, it sucks because i love them all and it seems like it's a one way relationship, then on the other hand - i suppose it's good that i got out of there because i guess they weren't great friends after all? it's a tough call, really. both reasons suck, ha. whatever i guess, there's nothing i can do about it being 2600 miles away and everything. we are purchasing our christmas tickets to california this week hopefully. boss was supposed to call me last night about time off - but didn't...what a shocker. so california peeps or whoever really gives a shit, look forward to me and justin being out there from the 21st-26th.
today really blows in a sense that i could NOT sleep AT ALL last night because of my belly. i had the worlds weirdest dream in the 2+ hours that i actually slept and it's creeping me out. justin is working until 7:30pm tonight, and it's only 10am right now. i can't get off the couch because i'm in so much pain, and i'm sure bison isn't too thrilled that his playmate is literally immovable. too bad the cat is too much of a puss to play with him, rather than just sit there and let him hump his face. haha, that's a sight, seriously. i hope today goes by fast or i hope i feel better really soon. i wish i could just sleep through today to make up for the horrible night last night. i'll keep my fingers crossed.
melissa flies in this weekend, i'm looking forward to that. another girl friend for a week, hooray! it feels like christmas, haha. if i had a good solid one out here, that'd make things a lot easier. hopefully i'll find one soon.
also, there's been tons of wedding shows on tv lately. and yes, i've been watching them. and as sad as this may seem, i already picked what i want my dress to look like. hehe. i'm totally jumping the gun and i need to cut it out >.< but whenever i think about it in my head, i just love the thought of seeing justin at the end of that aisle. we bump heads quite a bit, but i love him so much. he has taught me so much about myself and just so much in general. the size of his heart is what got me. he's absolutely amazing.


Kalin said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friends, but i guess you dont reallly need friends like that anyway.ill be your new long distance friend ha

i hope your belly feels better chica!

michelle eliz said...

haha awe sweet.

and thank you, i really hope so too.

Veronica Darling. said...

I totally relate to you on the wedding shows. I watch them too much. I've been with my boyfriend almost 3 years now and we've talked about getting married quite a bit.. its just a matter of being financially ready.. but despite family telling me to not get ahead of myself.. I just can't help it.

its too exciting!

Veronica Darling. said...
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