welcome to the family!

first off, happy halloween! and second of all, justin and i have an announcement to make - we got a puppy the other night. i took him into the studio today to play around and take some photos. he's full of energy and a complete cuddle bug. we keep going back and worth about what to name him, we're stumped. it shouldn't be this hard but it is. we had our hearts set on "marco" before we got him, then justin realized he looked like a baby bison, and wanted to name him bison. hmph. feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions by looking at him. here are some of the shots that i took today:


victoria martin said...

i can't image how long it's going to take you two to name your first (human) child! haha

-Victoria (wifey)

Melz said...

he looks like a gismo to me. haha

michelle eliz said...

haha gremlin!