six months and counting!

today equals six months officially. feels like so much longer, but then again it doesn't. it's a weird feeling, but it's definitely been the best and the hardest six months of my life. it's weird to think that seven months ago, i was a completely different person. i'm sure he was too. he has definitely changed me, that's for sure. in a good way of course. made me stronger, and more confident. we have our ups and downs just like every other couple, but even when things aren't perfect - i still can't imagine being without him. there's just no one who has ever made me feel this way. sounds corny, i know, but i'm being honest. 

justin, i love you so much. putting all the jokes, all the foolishness aside, I love you. more and more every single day. moving out here to start my life with you was one of the smartest decisions i've ever made.

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