"you'd break your neck to keep your chin up"

He makes me feel so alive.

Started the 365 project about 5 days ago. It's been really good for me. It's surprisingly keeping my hopes up. Justin and the family are too, but you know what I mean. I like thinking creatively again, it feels like it's been so long and I have so many ideas in my head that I need to get out. I'm trying to get this application for iStockphoto to work, but it's being really stupid. I need money, and I want to sell my prints. If you see anything that I do and want a print of it, please please let me know! It would mean so much to me!

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Sarah Jean said...

oh man it took like 8 months to get my application through on istock. i got like 6 photos rejected haha now that im in, ive only had one approved but i need to submit more.
i wish you the best of luck for istock. i have a friend who lives off the money he makes from there.

i suggest you dont submit your super artsy stuff that are photoshopped the heck out of.