Greetings from Illinois!

Even though it seems like I've been there a thousand times, it's always amazing coming back. And this time it's for good. I can't wait for my parents to drive out here and experience this. My mom is going to fall in love with it all - I swear. Just you wait. Me and Justin made breakfast this morning. Fresh fruit and bagels with cream cheese. Total X-Files marathon on today, haha. Completely awesome. Bought some moccasins at Target and we bought some v-necks we're going to share. I'm such a nerd - thinking people are actually interested in my day and what I've done, haha. Who cares! I'm writing anyways. The colors are already changing out here, it's gorgeous. Pumpkins are everywhere - I'm so excited to carve some with Justin soon. We're going to dress up like sweet vampires for Halloween. (sorry Kristin, you can be a vampire too :P) It's much colder than this summer was, not humid anymore, it's just right. Perfect for pants and a tshirt, then a jacket at night. I love it. Of course I miss everyone in California, but I needed this. I love it out here. It'll of course take some getting used to. Memorizing the roads and where places are and stuff, but I will learn quickly. I'm gonna check out this photographer job on Sunday and talk to the manager - so pray that that goes smoothly. I will be updating my flickr a lot so you can all see how gorgeous it is out here and you can all be crazy jealous. ha!


Claggie said...

i live one state over and have all my life haha but i can say pumpkin carving in a cool weather with changing leaves surrounding you will never get old!

Heather Michelle said...

I'm one of Bryan's friends. He has always mentioned you since I've known him, so I feel like I know you. He even told me that you knew who I was...What a little liar.